Valued Clients

Law Offices of Gregg Mandell, Inc.

Gregg Mandell

“I came to know Don when I was searching for a trucking expert familiar with truck engines, brake systems and various truck and mechanical safety procedures.
I had just read an article authored by Don Hess and was impressed by it. I found him to be very personable, knowledgeable and sharp. His professional opinions are very articulated and convincing. He came to his disposition well prepared and knowledgeable.
Don was also easy to work with. I highly recommend him for any case requiring truck expertise and will gladly retain him again.”

Law Offices of Capuani & Schneider

Michael L. Handley

“I was in need of a trucking industry expert regarding unloading protocol at a warehouse involving use of a temporary steel dock plate. I had a situation where liability was clearly stacked against the truck driver that I represented.

Don was able to provide me with sorely needed custom and practice testimony and opinions that resulted in the jury assessing 50% contributory negligence to the plaintiff. He proved to be a very credible expert witness.”

Scarpelli & Brady, LLC.

Nick Scarpelli

“I’ve retained Don as a Commercial Trucking and transportation expert in several trucking accident cases. Don has extensive expertise discussing and commenting upon the application and enforcement of the Federal Motor Carrier Act (FMCA).

In each case, he has provided valuable insight in analyzing the FMCA, as well as favorable opinion testimony in support of his analysis. In my view, Don goes about his work in a very professional way and he is an excellent expert witness, both in terms of his trucking experience and the high quality of his testimony. I would highly recommend him as a liability based expert in cases involving commercial vehicles and driver qualifications.”